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Terrines and Verrines


  • Duck and green peppercorn terrine

    The delicacy of duck and the subtlety of green peppercorn make for a delightful, harmonious blend.

    Duck 40%, pork, egg, seasoning, green peppercorn. Contains 100g

  • Raboliot terrine with rosemary

    Delicate meat enhanced with aromatic herbs and white wine, to arouse pleasant memories.

    Rabbit 40%, pork, egg, white wine, rosemary and seasoning. Contains 100g

  • Hippolyte terrine with Madeira

    This original terrine full of flavours will pique your curiosity, immediately satisfied by the gustatory quality of it.

    Marinated poultry liver, pork, egg, Madeira, seasoning. Contains 100g

  • Liver terrine broil in oven

    The pronounced flavours and softness of this terrine make it a frank and pungent type of pâté, nice to spread on bread.

    Pork liver and meat, egg, seasoning. Contains 100g

  • Old-style rustic terrine

    Find the aromas of our terroir in this blend of simplicity and authentic flavours.

    Pork liver and meat, egg, seasoning. Contains 100g

  • Wild boar terrine with red wine

    Authentic and rustic, this traditional preparation with red wine "Côte de Meuse" offers a discovery of one of the gems of the gastronomy of the Ardennes region.

    Wild boar 40%, pork, egg, red wine, seasoning. Contains 100g

  • Duck Foie gras

    Duch foie gras, seasoning. Contains 100g


  • Pork tenderloin confit

    Contains 400g

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